Trip to London

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Translation Company

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‘Mater atrium necessities’ goes the Latin proverb i.e., Necessity is the mother of invention. But St.Augustine went a step further when he said ‘Necessities non habit lrhrm’ i.e. necessity knows no law. It just means that when a scientist feels that the human beings require a certain facility he tries to invent means to satisfy human need. He bypasses the existing social laws and conventions. Since the beginning of the world man has been inventing things for his safety, need, comfort and even for luxury. Man doesn’t live for food, cloth and house. He has ambitious nature. He has human feelings for those who suffer. He wants to crush those who oppose him. These two special cravings of man are responsible for the noblest products and the most devastating things. Sober ideas necessitate man to communicate with others. He invented means of communication. Hundreds of years of toil exhausted the physical and mental faculties of man. He wanted things that could share his physical and mental pressures. Man is not a machine. He has feelings and emotions. Strained feeling and hurt emotions required recreation.



Milton was sad that he could not serve his creator for he had gone blind. But he consoled himself by saying ‘they also serve who stand and wait’. It was a poor consolation. His real solace lay in the fact that billions and billions of people do his purpose in the world. The purpose of God – is to create and sustain. Thus those who sustain human beings, those who are in the service of man are really in the service of God.

Many great men laid their lives to serve man. They actually served God. Abraham Lincoln served the cause of Afro-Americans. He abolished slavery and made them free. It was a divine task. Jesus laid his life in the service of man, so did Buddha. The great revolutions like De Valera of Ireland and Bhagat Singh and Chandra Shekhar Azad served man in India. They were the real persons who served God.

God actually loves those who love his creation. One can find people serving the creation not only in legends. They are there in flesh and blood in modern world too. There are people serving the tribal and the down trodden all over the world. In serving human beings they actually serve God. Let us hope that the number of such people increases so that the work of God may be shared by man.


Mother and the motherland are more important even than heaven. It is the mother who sees the first smile on the lips of the baby and dreams of making it a permanent one. She is not only a mother but the first teacher of the child. She creates permanent impressions upon the heart and mind of the child. These go to make the whole personality of the young one. Mother has the greatest affection for the child. No one can love the child as much as the mother does. It is the affectionate lullaby that starts the impressions on the child. She supplements what is taught at the school. She is rather omnipotent and omnipresent for the child. That is why a Jewish saint used to say ‘God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers’. The teaching of the mother are divine teachings. The wise mother who rocks the cradle makes her son great and energetic. So strong is the impression of mother’s teachings upon man that Thackeray in his famous novel Vanity Fair declared that ‘Mother is the name of God in the lips and hearts of little children’.  Ann Taylor was more emphatic when she wrote about her reverence for her mother

Who ran to help me when I fell,

And would some pretty story tell,

Or kiss the place to make it well?

My Mother.


The doctor is a responsible and respectable person in our society. He has devoted six to seven years to studying medicine and surgery and has spent lot of money to gain the skill to serve the society. The doctor is the real humanitarian if he chooses to be. He is the only person in the society who saves the precious life given by God. By saving the lives of human beings he saves the creation of God. Thus he serves the Divine. The doctor retains the body that is instrumental to all types of achievements. Sometimes it looks rather strange that the modern doctor has realized his importance beyond the expectations of the society. There is no doubt a doctor has to sacrifice his convenience the most. He may be called at any time. The mental and spiritual development is possible only if the body is retained. A surgeon may tensely remain occupied with his patient for hours together. He is the happiest man when he saves his patient. But he has to be a stoic when the patient is dead. He can’t afford to be sentimentalist. Realizing his importance he mints his knowledge now. But if the doctor works according to the medical ethics he is next to God.


Grand Slam Open Lawn Tennis Paris – Chang and Edberg – 11th June, 1989 – Chang won first set lost two won last two – at 17 won $ 291,752.

I had an occasion to see the spectacular Grand Slam Open Lawn Tennis tournament held in Paris. I, of course, did not go to Paris. But I enjoyed it live on my television see in my room. It was a 3-hour 41-minute battle on centre court at Ronal Garros on Sunday 11th June 1989. The match was between Michael Chang and Stefan Edberg. Michael had started his professional career only a year and a half back. Defeating Edberg in the final at 17 he became the youngest American to be grand slam Champion. He also had the record of being ever the youngest to win the Paris open.

Chang began the match with an ace. He put constant pressure on Edberg who committed two faults. Chang too double faulted. Chang’s superb back hand cross court pass gave him a 3-0 lead. Edberg put pressure but lose the set 6-1. His defeat roused him to action and he won the next set by 6-3. The third set was rather crucial for both. A half volley gave Edberg 4-3 lead. Even the back hand supremacy did not help Chang. Edberg stuck to an attacking serve and volley game. He won the third set 6-4. Now he had a two set lead. Chang remained on the defensive.

The next game was tense for both. But now Chang, revitalized, tried to bring back the brilliance of his first set. He did, but not to that extent. He moved to 5-3 with his magnificent backhand play. Edberg lost the set 6-3. The fifth set was to decide the fate. In the first game Edberg broke Chang. But he lost his own service. Chang then held service and broke Edberg for a 3-1 lead. He gradually moved to 4-1. Edberg was not able to show brilliance and lost at 6-2.

Chang who belongs to California whose parents had immigrated to the USA from China won the Paris Grand Slam for America. The victory was worth $ 291,752 for the youngest lawn tennis player. I just envied Chang for the fame he acquired at my age.


L.Har Dayal the great revolutionary said that knowledge is like a big orchard with fruits of different kinds. To taste these fruits one may take birth again and again. To me the school library seems a store house knowledge in all branches. I wish I could swallow all the knowledge contains in these wonderful books. But according to our school time table we have only one hour at our disposal. Naturally one has to get a book issues and read it at home.

But the reference books are not issued. I have a fancy for them. Our school has two Encyclopedias – Encyclopedia Brittanica and American Encyclopedia. They have a sea of knowledge. All the subjects have been tackled. Right from literature to the latest developments in the utilization of atomic energy can be studied in these two sets of books. All the topics are alphabetically arranged. There is generally one volume for one or two alphabets. All the information has been shown through graphs, pictures and natural settings. To me they are more interesting than a good novel.

I can afford only half an hour for it for I have to go through newspapers too in  the reading room. I go through English and Tamil Newspapers. One of my friends is from Karnataka. He goes through Kannada paper. There are some good magazines too. Once a while I look into “India Today” and “The Week” too. But at this age I do not follow many articles on political and economic issues.

Some of my friends are interested in comics alone. They are not issued. So they go through them hurriedly. Some times there is a quarrel too. Many boys come to the library for comics alone. Sometimes I too have a taste of a comic. Now the hour is over. I wish I could be in the library for hours and hours to digest all the knowledge imparted by books.


It was immediately after Christmas vacation that our School celebrated Annual Day. Prize distribution is the most fascinating part of the day. Sports had already taken place before Halloween. Boys and girls – the winners came to school with their groups all in bright clothes. It seemed it was a festive occasion in the family – the family of our school.

The audience consisted not only of teachers, boys and girls but parents too, parents of the prize winners. Exact at five, Education Minister who was our Chief Guest arrived with the President of the school. He was ceremoniously taken to the central Chair on the stage. Others were occupied by other V.I.Ps, some important office bearers and the Principal. School Union President, of course, was there.

The ceremony began with a song worshiping of god. Immediately after it the Chief Guest was introduced with a few words praising him. The first prize was given to the Sports Champion – a Silver Shield. As he came, shook hands with the Chief Guest the camera clicked twice. Next came the girl champion. Then there were medals for teams, other sports persons. Last came those who had won  prizes in debates and dramas. Those who stood first in their classes were also awarded bright medals together with books. All posed for the camera.

The function ended with the speech of the Chief guest who spoke for ten minutes only. Union President thanked the Chief Guest and all others. The ceremony ended with the National Anthem.


Great things are done when men and mountains meet” said William Blake. An effort done half heartedly seldom fructifies. History of mankind shows that man, a descendent of ape has changed the shape of the world. One has to ascend the highest range of determination to achieve an aim. Nothing is impossible in the world if we have a will to do it. ‘Impossible is found in the dictionary of fools’ according to Napoleon. Man may have a bent towards evil or virtue. His will can work both ways, Evil politicians and scientists have fought furious wars with sophisticated weapons produced by them. They almost ravaged the world more than once. On the other hand benevolent people have asserted their will to make the world a better place to live. With their demonstration they evolved ways and means to save man from diseases. They reduced the distance on the Earth to create a sense of brotherhood. They provide man with means of communication to link the whole world within seconds. Let a young boy have strong will power he is sure to achieve great goals. So, when there is a will there is a way.